Stabilizers are for stabilizing

I forgot to mention on our last trip, just before take off to go home, our main door was stuck. I couldn’t open it at all, and the girls were inside. I think the trailer shifted earlier from all the wind (a tornado came later that day). I tried to push the trailer and the chocks I had under the stabilizers slipped from under them, causing the biggest boom ever! No one was hurt and the trailer was fine, except the stabilizers.

This is kind of funny, ironically before the trip I saw a video on mistakes people make while setting up. This was one of them. I thought I understood, but this still happened. The saying was stabilizers are for stabilizing, not jacking up the trailer. I didn’t try to jack up the trailer, I was just leveling it. (But it did the same thing to get it level)

Anyway, this post will go in both categories, my thoughts, and glamping (for the tip on what NOT to do).

How often do we know what to do, but use things to do functions it was not purposed for? Like using a waffle maker to make grill cheese sandwiches, or use a knife instead of a screwdriver… etc. Sometimes its a good idea, but you do have to understand that what we are doing is going against the purpose of it, which lessens the integrity of the product.

Our bodies and our minds were created to do great things, but when we abuse them or lessen the integrity of the purpose, we don’t function to full capacity. Have you ever felt the calling to do something and you ignored it to do something else? Most of the time, like with products (like stabilizers) we can get by with what we have, but it is only for a season. Things last longer when they are doing what they were intended to do.

Something to keep in mind when tempted to go the easy route.

Post post:

This was preinstalled on our trailer:

Our next ones will be a little more sturdy, I was looking at:

Open to any suggestions!

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