Thoughts Across America

Thoughts Across America:

Thoughts can be messages from beyond yourself, to yourself, ultimately freeing yourself. Here are a few of mine.

As a man thinks, so is he…

Navigate your problems

“Problems are just unborn solutions” -John Maxwell Problems are never easy, and many people deal with their problems in their own way. The ones who seem to get through their problems a lot quicker usually have a slightly different view of what the obstacle is. If we all took a step back and looked at … Continue reading Navigate your problems

Your Morale Filters Down

As I was thinking and reflecting on how I and most everyone feels around me, how morale at this time is little low, and then I thought about how this phrase from one of my favorite mentors of all time says, “Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less” -John Maxwell. Earl Nightingale stated, “Morale cannot … Continue reading Your Morale Filters Down

Be Rooted and Driven

This picture tells a story of two people traveling along in the sea of life. People float along going where ever life takes them, this way and that way. But the big iceberg will float in a certain direction and stay its course due to the underlying current deep below the shallow waters. Today, with … Continue reading Be Rooted and Driven