#Glamping Across America

#Glamping Across America:

Here is the blog of the things I learned and the fun we are having trying to spend time together, work, and play in our new glamping life!

Seeing the sites and meeting new people throughout this great country!

Nashville Trip

Trip to Nashville This trip was extreme on both ends of the spectrum. It was the worst and the best trip so far all wrapped into one awesome learning experience. Here’s how this trip went: Day One: The trip started off great due to some of the last trip learned experiences from Stone Mountain Park. … Continue reading Nashville Trip

First Trip: Stone Mountain

So, you have a new trailer, what do you do? Plan a trip! So we all decide that our first trip will be Stone Mountain Campground. Great! *** Disclaimer: We had an absolute great time. Great Memories were made. I LEARNED A LOT. *** Day One: First time driving. 3 hour trip took about 7 … Continue reading First Trip: Stone Mountain

New to the camping world…

So this just happened… One day we say, “Let travel and explore”, and then a few days later we have a new truck and a new trailer, but get this, NO EXPERIENCE. Never had a diesel truck. Never driven with a 32 foot trailer. Never even been camping in this fashion. Total Newbies to the … Continue reading New to the camping world…