how to Increase your worth at a time like this

The way you increase your worth in good and bad economies is simple, but very hard for most people achieve.

First, note that the amount of money you recieve is directly tied to:

  • the demand for what you do
  • the difficulty of what you do
  • how hard it would be to replace you

Your business value is not how much you’re worth as a human, because ALL humans are precious in God’s sight.

Your value is directly tied to whom you serve. Huh?

A man working as a fast food cashier probably can be replaced almost at anytime, so he is paid less. ESPECIALLY if he does not provide much value to the company by serving the customer in a satisfactory manner. Nope, won’t be in that position long at all. Let’s give him $10 an hour.

But this same man, to his family and church family serves with all his heart and does all he can to help meet their needs, this same man would be paid millions of dollars by these people if they could pay it. He is worth that and so much more to them.

The same principle goes for our worth in this economy.

If you would like to increase your value:

  • Increase who you serve
  • Increase in the quality of your service
  • Increase your service to meet more needs
  • Make your services irreplaceable

In short: Increase your personal growth -> increase your effectiveness -> increase who and how much you serve.

Formula is pretty straight forward, but many are not willing to do it.

You get back out of life the effort you invest into it.

A few of books I love to help increase personal growth are:

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