Success Is In The Scheduling…

The thought I had for this comes from me sitting home, playing animal crossing with two of my kids, passing time. I noticed that so much time passed that I had no idea what time it was, nor what day it was. You see, our business had to temporarily close due to all the restrictions placed on us to slow the spread of COVID-19. This is a first. I have time. Time to breathe. But in all this breathing I find myself falling away, no focus, no direction. Then I remembered.

There is success in scheduling. Scheduling is the routine that causes success. Success is the accomplishments of tasks and goals being crushed because you are not wasting your time. These past few days seemed like a test to me, and hearing my character within me begging me to wake up. “Go get things done!” Now it is up to me to act:

Live life. See the world. Serve my purpose. Feed my 5,000.

This is just the first thought of many.

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