Be Rooted and Driven

This picture tells a story of two people traveling along in the sea of life. People float along going where ever life takes them, this way and that way. But the big iceberg will float in a certain direction and stay its course due to the underlying current deep below the shallow waters.

Today, with so much going on people will panic and follow the crowd. Please take time to check your beliefs, character, and integrity, so they will not allow you to compromise yourself. It’s easy to do things you wouldn’t normally do when everyone is doing it. But it takes courage and belief in one’s self to do the things they feel their entire existence hinges on and the very fiber of their being is calling them to what they feel is right.

We develop strength to do this by focusing on the inside: the learned experiences, those things life taught you growing up, and the vision you are working toward. The outside voices will try to persuade you to bend a little here, and compromise a little there, to fit their needs for you at the moment. How you hand your situations and persuasions will cause you to wither be the ice, or the iceberg.

I believe you are the iceberg!

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