First Trip: Stone Mountain

First Road Trip!

So, you have a new trailer, what do you do? Plan a trip! So we all decide that our first trip will be Stone Mountain Campground. Great!

*** Disclaimer: We had an absolute great time. Great Memories were made. I LEARNED A LOT. ***

Day One: First time driving.

3 hour trip took about 7 hours. Here are a few things I learned:

  • People do not care too much for a person driving with 10,000 plus pounds behind them. Nope.
  • It is not simple to find a spot to turn around with a 32 foot trailer, and an inexperienced driver. (it took me about 45 minutes to get turned around, and find a gas station that carries diesel. hint: follow the big trucks)
  • Know where you’re going if possible. Shifting lanes in stop and go traffic will be bad on your nerves for sure.
  • Bring Snacks!
  • If you have a spotter, have them understand that the truck and trailer is NOT a car, you have little turn ratio and you definitely need a lot of room if you’re not use to backing a trailer.
  • Check the weather before your trip
  • Last thing, four pieces of free firewood does not build a good campfire.

First day consisted of us getting there, and as soon as I dropped the trailer, we’re off to Walmart! This is a 3 day trip, first day was spent driving, and now we buy a lot of food that we don’t need. Thanks hungry stomach, Walmart wins big this time.

Day 2

We spend in training, so the day is gone and the kids stay behind and play games all day. After we get back from our training, we comeback to guests, and the kids are hungry. When I say kids, notice in the picture that these are giant 20 something babies. They waited for me get back before they would eat. (Mainly because I need to cook first)

We try to our hand at creating a bon fire with four or five pieces of wood. Dad’s, take my word for it, I don’t recommended when you build a fire in 30 degree weather, and expect your family to sit with you as you do it. Especially when they set the trailer to 72 inside. What you can expect while you freeze is “is it ready yet? I don’t see fire yet!”

But you are making memories.

Day 3

Family fun in the park, and we pack it up to leave.

It took me a while, but we made it home in only 4.5 hours this time.

TIPS for next trip:

  • Use RV Apps on Phone
  • Find nice truck stops
  • Make sure you have enough hoses and that they are long enough
  • Try to map out your trip BEFORE you leave!

Here is a link to Stone Mountain’s Campground. It was a great experience!

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